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Champion Inclusion this Giving Tuesday

Hi Friends,

As Giving Tuesday begins, I know there are so many deserving places that you could gift your money. As a creative and a social justice advocate, I'd like to invite you to consider partnering with me in the continuation of my work. Right now I am:

  • Being a local, loving presence in Colorado Springs as the queer community grieves the recent shooting at Club Q.

  • Collaborating with other affirming faith leaders to see how we might best serve our community during this time.

  • Writing my third book (set to release Oct. 2023)

  • Continuing to lead the Unashamed Love Collective so queer people everywhere have a safe online space to learn, grow, and be themselves.

  • Launching a new project to create in-person opportunities that foster community.

There's two ways you can partner with me in this work: 1. Is to contribute monthly by joining me on Patreon. This can happen for as little as $10/month and every bit makes a difference.

2. You can make a one-time donation via Paypal.

If you have any questions about me and the work that I do, or if you're interested in becoming a larger sponsor of one of my events, please reach out and I'd love to talk with you! Together we continue to make the world a more safe, just, and loving place for LGBTQ people to live and thrive. Keep being brave,

Amber Cantorna

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