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Book Club Registration is Now Live!

Registration for Season 2 of the Unashamed Book Club is Now Open!

Good Morning Friends! I am delighted to announce that registration for the Season 2 of the Unashamed Book Club is now LIVE!

It’s been a dream realized for me to create a safe place where spiritual nomads, those who have been wounded by religion, and those who were told they were unlovable in the eyes of God, could come together to read, to learn, to dialogue with the authors of our books, and to build a beautiful community with one another.

After an amazing first season, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for season two! We have an amazing lineup of author interviews featuring Nadia Bolz-Weber talking about sexual shame, Colby Martin on deconstructing the clobber passages, Abby Stein sharing her journey from ultra-orthodox rabbi to transgender woman, Emmy Kegler on how God’s love stretches to the margins, and Kathy V. Baldock discussing some of the most ground-breaking research to surface in decades that could have the power to change history for LGBTQ Christians.

We would love to have you join us! Space is limited so secure your spot early and invite a friend along to join you! You can get all the details and reserve your spot now at the link below.

Register Now Here

I hope you will join us for this incredible adventure! Be Brave, Live Unashamed,

Amber Cantorna

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