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Real change happens at the grass roots level–that is where I work on a daily basis. However, grass roots work doesn’t pay the bills. And the myth that once you’ve published a book you’re “rich and famous” is a massive misconception. Being an author is just like any other kind of artist (musician, painter, etc.)…you are reliant on other people’s support of what you do to survive. And most of us are doing just that…surviving on what we can and working an extra job on the side to make ends meet. I do this work because I am passionate about it and I believe it makes the world better for other people. But everybody has living and operating expenses to cover, and unless people like you support people like me, I can’t continue doing what I do.

Joining Patreon is no different than becoming a monthly supporter of anything else you believe in (i.e. your local radio station, your favorite podcast, or a great humanitarian effort). Your monthly support of my work (whether that is $10 or $50 or $250) enables me to continue working at the grass roots level with the primary mission of supporting LGBTQ people of faith as they navigate their coming out process and educating faith leaders, healthcare workers, and loved ones how to better support them. Not everyone is called to social justice work, but everyone can make a difference by teaming up with someone who is and propelling them forward. 

Each of you have the opportunity to partner with me in creating content that brings hope, life, and love to LGBTQ+ people and in turn, reduces suicide statistics and helps them thrive in the world. Will you come along and partner with me on this journey? I’d be so very honored.

Be Brave, Live Unashamed,

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