I’m in the process of coming out. Can you help me?

Helping LGBTQ people navigate their coming out process is one of the things I’m most passionate about! That’s why I wrote Unashamed: A Coming Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians. This book is my way of walking with you in your coming out process. You can find it on Amazon or by visiting your local bookstore.

Where can I find additional resources?

You can find lots of great book resources, listening resources, video resources, and organizational resources that will help you and your loved ones through your coming out journey by visiting my Resources page.

How do I book Amber to speak at my next event?

To submit a speaking request form, please visit the Contact page and either fill out the contact form or download the attached event form to enter and submit your event information.

Note: Amber is continuing to accept virtual speaking requests during this time of social distancing. She is also fully vaccinated and is cautiously beginning to accept in-person speaking requests for dates after August 1st, 2021. All in-person requests will be taken into consideration in conjunction with the ever-evolving status of our global health crisis. Any confirmed events will require protective COVID procedures to be implemented in effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

Do you incorporate your music into your presentations?

As a musician, I love incorporating music into my speaking engagements and events. Most of the time this comes at no additional cost. However, if you would like a musical performance included, please be sure to note that on your speaking request form so we can address any additional technical needs.

Do you officiate weddings?

Yes! I am an ordained minister through American Marriage Ministries, a certified 501(c)3 organization that supports not only LGBTQ weddings, but also interfaith weddings. My ordination is valid in all US States and Territories, except Virginia. In most cases, we ask that travel fees are compensated in lieu of a typical “wedding officiant fee.”

If you are interested in seeing if Amber is available to officiate your wedding, please visit the Contact page and submit a request.

Do you stand-in at weddings for LGBTQ couples whose biological family will not be present?

Yes! As someone whose own family was not present at my wedding, I am passionate about making sure that every LGBTQ couple has the support and celebration they deserve on the day of their wedding. If I am available for your wedding date, we simply ask that all travel fees are compensated (this is arranged in advance). If, for whatever reason, I am not available for your wedding date, we work with a large network of Mama Bears who are eager to be a stand-in for weddings whenever possible and will do our best to make sure you have a stand-in to support you on your special day.

If you are interested in seeing if Amber is available to be a stand-in at your wedding, please visit the Contact page and submit a request.

What are some ways that I can support you and your work?

There are several opportunities you have to support my work and each of them are helpful in their own way.

  1. You can write a brief review of Unashamed or Refocusing My Family on Amazon. The more reviews a book receives, the higher it generates in the search engine. The goal is for people in search of support to find affirming resources first before non-affirming ones. Each review, no matter how long or short, helps us in achieving that.
  2. You can follow me on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By following me, not only do we get to know one another better, but you get to see more of my content, and it also widens my reach into your sphere of influence.
  3. You can subscribe to my blog. I only send out updates 1-2x/month but it is one of the best ways to stay up to date with what I’m doing, read any new writings, and be informed about upcoming speaking engagements, etc.
  4. You can join Patreon. Like other artists, authors depend on the support of their fans to keep their work going. Rarely do we make any money on the books we write or much of the work that we do. Joining Patreon is just like supporting anything else you believe in on a monthly basis (except you get perks!) and you help make what I do possible and keep it going.
  5. You can share my work with others. Sharing my work with others, whether that’s through social media, through recommending my books, or through recommending me to come speak at one of your next church events, staff meetings, or retreats are all helpful ways of keeping what I do alive.

    Thank you in advance for whatever ways you are help to support what I do. I am grateful.

Do you give book/publishing advice?

Unfortunately, to stay focused on the mission of helping LGBTQ people and their families, and to maximize my engagement in the community, I do not offer book/publishing advice at this time.

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