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“Created This Way” A Special Pride Edition—————————————————————————
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Coming Out LGBTQ When You’re Christian (w/Amber Cantorna)

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Amber Cantorna: How to Come Out

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Amber Cantorna and Coming Out Well into Christianity


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Coming Out w/Amber Cantorna

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How to Come Out as an LGBTQ Christian w/Amber Cantorna____________________________________________
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On Coming Out with Amber Cantorna


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Special Edition with Amber Cantorna

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(91.5 FM KRCC in Colorado Springs) (01.24.18)

Growing Up Gay in Focus on the Family – One Woman Shares Her Story

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Redefining Family Values with Amber Cantorna

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Amber Cantorna Refocuses Her Family

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Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being, Ep. 20 with Amber Cantorna

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Colorado Author Bounces Back After Life Goes Out Of Focus

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The Friendly Athiest Podcast with Amber Cantorna, Author of Refocusing My Family

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Ep. 411, This Show is So Gay with J. Tyler and Amber Cantorna


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We Don’t Know What We’re Doing (with Amber Cantorna)


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Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast: Episode 131 with Amber Cantorna


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When You Lose It All (with Amber Cantorna)


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That God Show: Focus on the Family Exec Shuns Gay Daughter-She Breaks Her Silence